The time has come for the Yakki Blog!

Everybody keeps talking about Yakki and everybody wants to know more about it. So we thought to start our blog with a detailed list of keywords of what YAKKI is!

Sunset watching on Sinaia mountain

Y: Young People

Not only on the ID card! We are constantly looking for challenges, new passions and moments to enjoy with friends as well as on our own. One of the most appreciated ways to “gift” yourself a moment, is to go outside… we are among those who love to live those moments as unforgettable timeframes, in the mountains!

A: Adventures & Experiences

We believe that each moment of your life contributes to what your life – and you – will become. Adventures are great ways to discover new aspects of the world and give your best to live it and feel it. Adventures are a fantastic way to give yourself a boost, find new locations and friends!

K: it’s Kool

Spending some time in nature, on a peak of a mountain, on the shores of a river…that’s really cool! And do you know what’s even cooler? Discover the world and have fun with Yakki’s guides, instructors and experts!

K: Kontagious

Once you try it, you won’t leave it. Once you feel that fresh air on your face, you see the sunrise from the peak of a mountain, you will become addicted to such feelings and moments. Share these special moments with your soul mate, your friends and your family: be a outdoor lover is contagious, in a fantastic way!

I: innovative, interesting, incredible

Yakki is the first platform for outdoor enthusiasts and travellers. It’s the best way to find awesome experiences with a certified professional all around the world. It’s an incredibly easy tool to plan your holidays based on the activities that a location offers. In this way you won’t just visit a place, you will live it and create memorable moments.

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