Canyoning Palvico Ledro Valley

This beautiful Canyon, located in Valle di Ledro, allows you to explore a magnificent gorge carved out by water in the rock for thousands of years. It offers numerous natural slides and jumps, with drops of up to 50m. With us, the only risk you'll run is to have fun.

From: May
To: October
Duration: 1/2 day
Duration details: 4 hours
Min. guests: 4
Max. guests: 16
Minimum age: 14
Activity level: All levels
Skill level: Intermediate
Start times: 12:00 pm
Included services: Photos and all services of the Canyoning & Outdoor Center.
Things to bring: Swimsuit, closed sneakers or hiking shoes (no slippers, sandals or rock/surfing shoes), towel, dry cloths, snack, water
Requirements: Proper relationship height-weight, good physical conditions, underwater-friendly, no dizziness.
Extra services: People that are not taking part to the activity are welcome, and can go for a walk in the forest around.
Additional information: Canyoning is an activity where most of the time you will be in the water, descending natural courses with all its beauty and danger. During the path, there are slides, waterfalls from where the guide will abseil you, cliffs from where you can jump or not. Jumps are not mandatory, you do them only if you wish and feel secure. Children can jump only if the parents or the person who has the children in charge, allow them to do so, the decision of doing a jump is personal, by the moment you decide to jump, you are responsible for any injuries or anything else that can happen by taking the decision to jump. In case children jump the parents/family are responsible. During the tour, there are small lakes, and paths where we walk, it could be very slippery and disconnected. If you do Canyoning wrong it gets riskier than it already is. There are many risks and they can end also really bad such as hypothermia, injuries, drowning etc.. We will give you all the information and give you the whole technical equipment such as neoprene suite, canyoning harness, helmet, life jacket, and neoprene socks, not shoes. In case you are on holiday just with sandals let us know. You will be accompanied by a Mountain Guide with Canyoning specialization. Youths under 18 you must be accompanied by an adult, that takes the responsibility of the child that takes part on the tour. We are not responsible if during the tour something natural happens such as falling trees or rocks or any other natural event that can cause something to persons or objects. THE GUIDE’s decisions are indisputable, it’s the only person allowed to make decisions for the entire group. He will abseil you and he will tell you how and where to jump. He will give you the right information to do this activity in a safe way. In case that one or more members of the group taking part on the activity, don’t want to listen or do not do what the guide says, the guide can decide to end the tour for the whole group or just them, because it is too risky for everybody. He reserves the right to postpone or cancel the activity due to bad weather conditions or lower number of participants. Once the activity is started there will not be the possibility to go backwards, the only way to go on is to finish the canyon. Sometimes there are some emergency exits. If the customer doesn't show up or doesn't take part in the activity there will be no refunds. The maximum delay is 15 minutes, after that time the guide will start with the persons that are present or cancel the activity. There will not be a refund for those who are late. Before starting the activity there will be a briefing, where we will explain the canyoning rules. If you have any problems (panic attacks, some physical problems, diabetes or other things), please let us know in advance. We will let you still take part, but it is important to know so that we can react in the right way in case something happens. Canyoning is an activity that everybody can do with good physical conditions and has good confidence with water. In case that the activity is cancelled for bad weather conditions or other causes, (or we decide to cancel for safety reasons) you will get a voucher from the same amount which is valid 1 year and you can use for the same or another activity. By buying this ticket, you have read and taken note of what has been written. It is very important for the guides to have your own telephone contact, you are kindly requested after booking to give a message to the guide number that will be given to you after the purchase with name, day, time and activity name in order to communicate important changes if necessary.
Meeting point: Canyoning & Outdoor Center in Via Ampola 3 Tirano di Sopra 38067 (TN)
Contact me: to check availability and price, or if you want to book for a large group.
Cancellation policy: MODERATE: full refund if you cancel at least 10 days before the experience is scheduled to start, or within 24 hours of purchase.
Communication policy: Always communicate through Yakki. To protect your payment, never transfer money or communicate outside of the Yakki website or app.
€73 per person