Information about Yakki

How it works

How it works

Sign up

It is free to sign-up and use Yakki. Our base user plan is free and will always be free. Use email or facebook to sign-up. Once signed-up, validate your account and then update your profile

Your profile

Use your real name. Give a short description about yourself, your passions, your adventures, your achievements. Include a profile picture about yourself. This will help users have a clear understanding of who you are. Complete your payment details to enable bookings.

User types

We support two user types within our community: travelers and hosts. Travelers are people who want to experience the outdoors in a new way. Hosts are certified guides, passionate professionals and local experts who love sharing their outdoor experiences with travelers. If you would like to host your own activity, head over to Become a host where we explain what it means to be a host with Yakki.


All outdoor experiences are designed and led by certified guides, passionate professionals and local experts. Yakki ensures the quality of every experience, and the identity and qualifications of its host. Following experiences are available:

  • Social Experience: price per person; possibility of joining other participants;
  • Private Experience: price per maximum number of participants; possibility to participate as a single person or as a private group for the maximum number of participants indicated in the description;
  • Social Event: price per person; fixed date; possibility of joining other participants;


The price of an experience is considered by person or group, and for the specified duration. Possibility to request via chat a variation of the price and the number of participants.


You can contact the host at any time to request a personalized experience or to discuss any details.


You can book your desired experience directly on Yakki. Choose your experience, select the period and book. For multi-day experiences, simply select the start day, the price is already cumulative for the duration. A chat system allows you to interact with the host. The money is charged only if the host accepts the booking. If the host refuses or does not take any action within 3 days, nothing is charged and the reservation is canceled.


You can pay using your Paypal account, any credit/debit card or your bank account.


The following refund policies apply to all outdoor experiences published on Yakki. More details here.


After activities are completed, both parties are encouraged to provide feedback for each other. This is available publicly on the site in user profiles, which helps users build their reputation and trust. Either positive or negative, be fair with your comments and be constructive to the community.


Yakki provides you with powerful search capabilities to find your next outdoor experience. You can search by location and activity, then filter the results with keywords and parameters.


We send you a weekly newsletter with the latest updates and goings on within Yakki. You can control your newsletter and other notification settings in your profile.


Post your experiences in order to become visible to the Yakki community and the world. Make them unique to attract more travelers. You can post an unlimited number of experiences. Our team will verify, translate and approve every listing.


    • Click on the Post experience button
    • Choose the activity you want to promote
    • Choose the experience type:
      • Social Experience: Price per person. Enter the minimum and maximum number of participants. Travelers can book by entering the number of participants and selecting the start day. It is always possible to send a booking request for 1 participant. If the experience lasts several days, enter the total price for the whole duration.
      • Private Experience: Price per maximum number of participants. Enter the maximum number of participants. The minimum number is 1 participant. The "other group size" option allows travelers to interact with you and request any changes. Only one reservation per day can be accepted. If the experience lasts several days, enter the total price for the whole duration.
      • Social Event: Price per person. Enter the minimum and maximum number of participants. Enter the date of the event both in the title and in the appropriate field. Travelers can book by entering the number of participants and selecting the event day. It is always possible to send a booking request for 1 participant. If the event lasts several days, enter the total price for the whole duration.
    • Start describing a unique and exciting experience
      • Complete all fields
      • Upload quality photos
      • Set the meeting point as location on the map. Travelers will find your experience by looking for the destination.
      • Allow travelers to request a personalized experience. If a different price is agreed, you can change it before the booking is made.
      • It is not allowed to post photos, links and information about any brand, company or contact
    • Publish


      • You can change the experience at any time
      • Move to your profile
      • Select the listing you want to edit
      • Click on "Edit listing" to update any information


      • Only for prices per group
      • Manage each listing's availability
      • Click on "Edit listing availability"
      • White slot = free = customers can book you
      • Grey slot = closed = customers cannot book you


      • Select the listing you want to close
      • Click on "Close listing"


    • Travelers book and pay through the platform
    • You have 3 days of time to accept or refuse a booking
    • If you accept, the payment will be validated and the money will be transferred to you within some days
    • If you refuse or do not perform any action, the booking will be canceled


Enable Stripe payments for potential clients:

    • Log in to your account
    • From the top bar, under your profile picture, go to Settings
    • Go to the Payments tab
    • Select Bank account
    • Add your bank details to the form: legal name, country, address and bank account number
    • Click "Save".


How the Stripe payment flow works

The following steps occur in a paid transaction processed by Stripe:

      1. The host posts an experience and defines a price for the service.
      2. The traveler opens the experience page, selects dates (with end date up to 85 days from now) and clicks on the "Book" button.
      3. On the following page, the traveler reviews the details of the purchase and inputs their credit card details. The payment happens immediately.
      4. Once the payment is done, the traveler is taken to a page that displays the transaction details. They are told that the host needs to accept the transaction before the money is transferred.
      5. The host gets an email notification of a new transaction that needs to be accepted. If the transaction is not accepted within 3 days or before the end date (whatever comes first), the transaction is canceled and no money is transferred. Once accepted, the money is captured from the traveler card and funds are put on hold. Both parties get a receipt of the transaction via email.
      6. For the service fee of Yakki, the fee is scheduled to be paid to Yakki's bank account configured in Stripe. That payout will happen according to Stripe's schedule (about 5 to 10 business days).
      7. Both users can then discuss freely to agree on details.
      8. Traveler marks the booking as completed (experience is finished) or the booking is automatically marked as completed according to the admin settings. Money is then moved from the Stripe balance to the host account.
      9. Stripe transfers the money from the Stripe balance to the host bank account. Stripe takes about 7 days to move the money.
      10. Users can then review each other.