Freeride in Dolomiti (Attraversata delle Pale a Gares)

Crossing the plateau to the High Shores and descending to Val Bona in Gares.

This itinerary is not very popular but is of great scenic value due to the incredible view it offers over the northern chain of the Pale di San Martino. It crosses the high plateau from Rosetta to Gares (Canale d'Agordo). The snow is also often of excellent condition for the exposure to the north and for its coverage to the winds.

Description of the climb:
From the exit of the Rosetta cable car descend along the slopes that lead near the Pedrotti refuge, pointing to the evident saddle just below it. Descend again in the direction of the Sponde Alte, following the summer path no. 756 for the Antermarucol Pass to the lowest point (2469 m) (N46° 16.074' E11° 50.783'). Be careful not to go too far to the left towards the Piano dei Cantoni (summer trail no. 703). Follow the summer path approximately again until you reach a flat area, identifying the channel that leads to the gap between the Sponde Alte and a hill (altitude 2536 m). Go up the hill until you reach the highest hill on the left (2536 m), keeping the Creste delle Sponde Alte on the right. Beautiful terrace on the northern chain of the Pale di San Martino.

Description of the descent:
From here, a little pushing and a little skiing, you reach the Antemarucol Pass (2334 m) (N46° 16.202' E11° 51.224'), the obvious saddle at the end of the Buse di Col Alto. Here begins the most interesting part of the descent. At the beginning, head for the hydrographic left of the valley and then turn to the right side. At the last rocky buttress, cross to the right until you reach the slopes above the Malga Valbona.

It is not advisable to go down to the Malga, but cross to the right (East) to keep high and point to the lower end of the Sasso Negro (snow must be settled) going back to the track of the summer path no. 756 (be careful not to go down too much for the presence of high rock bars below and to find the entrance into the woods of the summer path) (N46° 17.842' E11° 52.939').
You continue to cross the coast into the woods passing two channels of avalanches that descend from Forcella Cesurette, from where a steep wooded slope descends towards the plain of Gares. Follow the hairpin bends of the summer path or, if the snow conditions allow it, take a comfortable widening at the end of the crossroads in the woods that descends to Casere Cesurette and then to the Capanna cima Comelle near the cross-country ski runs. Be careful not to descend too early into the woods because of the presence of jumps in the first canals.

Von: Dezember
Bis: März
Dauer: 1 Tag
Dauer Details: 6 Stunden
Min. Gäste: 4
Max. Gäste: 8
Mindestalter: 14
Aktivitätsgrad: Moderat
Erfahrungsstufe: Mittleres Niveau
Startzeiten: 9:00
Zum Mitnehmen: Normal freeride and ski touring equipment with ski skins or snowshoes. The ascent, not being too long, can also be tackled with snowshoes or on foot, if the amount of snow is not too high. Rescue material: Pala, avalanche beacon and Sonda.
Voraussetzungen: Good skier
Zusatzleistungen: Arrangement of return taxis, equipment rental and airbag backpack.
Zusätzliche Informationen: The tour can be completed by taking a taxi or other means of transport to Molino di Falcade, where with the lifts you can climb to the Laresei refuge, then descend to the Malga Vallazza and Pian dei Casoni with off-piste skis. Then put on your ski skins and go up to Passo Rolle through the path that passes through Malga Yuribello or Val Venegia and Baita Segantini, and then go down to San Martino through the old ski slope. (Calculate another 4/5 hours for the return). Suggestions by the author: It is also possible to climb up the Sponde Alte to the last hill that overlooks the Valbona and go down the steepest slopes near the Sasso Negro, it is necessary to have a good orientation and a good knowledge of the snowpack. Safety tips: The Antermarucol Pass can be reached with a cross at the foot of the Sponde Alte, which allows you not to lose altitude if the snow is sufficiently settled, otherwise it is better to go down in the "Buse" to climb up to the fork. Do not take the crossroads after the Malga Valbona into the woods when the sun warms up in the afternoon, because of the danger of avalanches descending from the steep canals above. Be careful not to descend too early into the woods because of the presence of jumps in the first canals.
Treffpunkt: San Martino Di Castrozza - Parking Colverde
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